St Peter’s Barge
  • West India Quay, Off Hertsmere Road, London E14 4AL

St Peter’s Barge

65Nearest DLR stations
West India Quay (3 mins walk); Canary Wharf (6 mins walk)

Nearest Underground station
Canary Wharf (10 mins walk)

Local bus routes
D3, D7, D8, 135, 277

You can park for free on Sundays on Hertsmere Road in the Dockmaster Restaurant bays, in the coach bay, and in front of the Cannon Workshops, but you must display on your dashboard a sign with the Barge logo (which you can pick up from the Barge). Other free options are Garford St or Milligan St (both about 10mins walk).

There are also these multi-storey car parks:

West India Quay Car Park, Hertsmere Road, E14 4AN: £4.30 (up to 2 hours)
Canary Wharf Cabot Square, E14 4PA: £3.60 (up to 2 hours)

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