Past Events (Page 2)

Past Events (Page 2)

How strong is the evidence? @ State Street

In the run up to Easter, former High Court Judge Jeremy Cooke looks at the evidence for the claims Christianity makes about the events of the very first Easter. Speaker: Sir Jeremy Cooke & Roger Carswell Please email in good time for security access.

A lasting solution @ Ernst&Young

Doug Johnston is Partner for climate change and sustainability at EY. In this interview and talk, Doug will discuss his Christian faith and the difference it makes to his work and life. Speakers: Doug Johnson & Roger Carswell Click here in good time for security access.

Total Commitment @ St Peter’s Barge

Former Rower and Olympic Medalist Debbie Flood talks about the total commitment it takes to succeed in international rowing and the total commitment she’s made to be a Christian. Speakers: Debbie Flood & Roger Carswell  

The biggest decision @ St Peter’s Barge

Major General Tim Cross has commanded at every level in the British army, charged with big decisions. In this interview and talk he’ll discuss his biggest decision made by an empty tomb in Jerusalem. Speakers: Major General Tim Cross & Glen Scrivener

Who is Jesus? @ Financial Ombudsman

Few would doubt Jesus’ impact on history, but in this talk Glen asks: ‘who is he’ and ‘why does he matter for today? Please email in good time for security access.

What is life – Tragedy or Comedy? @ FCA

The twists and turns of life can leave us wondering what it all means and where it’s all going. In this talk Glen asks: ‘what is life’ and ‘where’s it heading? Please email in good time for security access.